Web search/Data analyst

Web search/Data analyst
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We are called HEAT and we are a platform that provides ongoing work to people around the world. The mode of work is designed to be so flexible that you have complete freedom to choose when, where, and for how long to work.

All of the work comes from our customers who constantly bombard us with "micro tasks" they need executed. Like image tagging, interpreting texts, different web search etc. Tasks are easy and quick to execute.

We measure task execution time very accurately (by the second) and you get paid based on the accumulated amount of time you spend actually executing tasks. There is no compensation for simply being online, while not executing tasks.


Do you love to google?

Is your English fluent and good enough to spot irony or understand slang words?

Do you have fast and stable internet?

Great attention to details?

Have strong common sense?

Are you a reliable worker?

Love to work in live and friendly community?

Looking for a trustworthy client that pays as agreed and on time?

Like to be paid per second spent?

Looking for full time job and/or occasional work in your spare time?

If your answer is YES to ALL the above then:

We offer you to join our team!

We will provide you with all kinds of tasks that include:

- web search

- image tagging

- content moderation

- categorizing stuff

- many other cool tasks

and you choose when and how long you want to work.

Please do NOT apply if:

1. You are not fluent in English

2. You are not good with using a computer or you hate using Google.

Apply here: https://heatintelligence.com/workforce/signup-od2/?tag=localmart